Personalised Aged Well Father's Day Whiskey Decanter

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Everything seems a little better given time to age and mature, complexities evolve and character develops. The same come with parenting, the more time passes the better your decisions become and the better you deal with all of the things thrown at you from your little humans.

This decanter celebrates all the daddies, dads, fathers and grandfathers and gives them a nod of gratitude for all their hard work and dedication. It’s your way to say thanks and take a moment to relax because you’ve earned.

You can personalise the decanter with their birth year and alter the wording in the sentence '100% proof of a first rather man / dad'

You can even personalise it with their initials printed on a metal tag.

Each decanter is tissue wrapped and posted in a card board box. 



There's nothing worse than something being shiny and new becoming old and tired, so if you would like to keep this bottle looking first class the best way to care for it is to hand wash gently in warm (not hot) water. Please do not put this in the dishwasher or the microwave.

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