How Your Story Sets You Free Book

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How Your Story Sets You Free

Heather Box, Julian Mocine-McQueen

Everyone has a story to tell. Sharing that story can change you, your community, or even the world. But how do you start? This inspirational guide invites readers to unlock their truth and share it, whether in a TED talk, a blog post, or a conversation with their loved ones. Storytelling coaches Heather Box and Julian Mocine-McQueen reveal how to embrace the power of personal storytelling in a series of easy steps. Their practical and motivating advice fills this charming hardcover, which features a textured cover with glittering foil stamping, and colored paper printed with metallic ink on the interior. It’s a meaningful gift and a powerful reminder that stories matter.

Creator Bio

Heather Box and Julian Mocine-McQueen are the founders of the Million Person Project. Since 2011, they have helped over 1,500 changemakers from 67 countries tell their stories. They live in San Francisco.


Why we chose this book

We all have a story to tell, that's what makes us human and our world tick. A story is a way to express ourselves; to laugh at, to cry at, to learn from and take reassurance from. It's what makes us true and unique, it's the foundation of who we are. Some stories are easy to tell, you know the sort that that cause you roll around laughing, with your sides aching so much they hurt and tears are streaming down your face. Others are more personal and take courage. This book resonated with us, and the personal journeys we have been on. No person's story is the same as the next. As humans we are curious creatures, we have a thirst for learning and for knowledge, we also like the reassurance that we are not alone in our own situations and take comfort that others have trodden a similar path  Imagine the power a story could have - your story could have. It has the possibility to change a person's life.  


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