Hiding Out From Little People Glass Decanter

Hiding Out From Little People Glass Decanter

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Find some space where the little people aren't and pour yourself a little me time.

We know alcohol may not be the answer but it sure does help at times. Sometimes, the only thing which will do is finding a little space away from the chaos to rediscover what me time feels like again.

When the cherubs are safely tucked up and you've found reruns of your favourite show, pour yourself a little tipple of whatever takes your fancy and relax.

This decanter reminds you that it's OK to think about yourself from time to time or at least it reminds you that gin is sometimes (always) the answer.

Note: You don't actually have to hide, there's spiders in the cupbard under the stairs and a dusty ironing board somewhere.

Printed in black on clear glass.

made from:

500ml Glpas decanter with wooden stopper.


20 cm high x 8.5 cm diameter, capacity 500ml